Here are some lovely gowns during the preliminary Evening Gown Competition held 23 May in Mexico City

uni07_2051-p.jpgMiss EstoniaMiss FinlandMiss GuyanaMiss IndiaMiss AlbaniaMiss AngolaMiss Brazil

An evening of gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns walking down a gorgeous stage… that was what the audience was treated to at the Miss Universe 2007 Presentation Show on Wednesday, May 23. To see how Globalbeauties reviewed the evening gown competition, read their evening gown rankings.

“I could have dance all night, I could have danced all night…”


  1. josh

    i hate your freaky anerixix girls with no brains think about that

  2. francis

    l luv da gown of miss india

  3. willa mai

    1) i totally agree w/ josh! 1/2 have waists thinner than their scrawny little necks! Bleh!
    2) i really disagree w/ francis. Angola’s gown was sooo da best! She also was ALMOST normal-size
    3) who actually watches this? if they’re judged on how they wear a gown, then who cares hat they say about “how they saved the world.” they can wear a dress nicely. if that’s all the “esteemed and honorable” judges score them on, would it matter if one of them said that they planned to take over the universe in less than 4 yrs.? don’t think so.
    4) these people could be bff’s w/ Paris (not the city). do you want them representing the world? DO YOU????
    5) hav u noticed how NO ONE CARES about this stuff?

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