Flaviana Matata, Miss Tanzania, has all the elegance, energy, and beauty of an African gazelle. She encapsulates the warmth and passion of that wonderful continent, and pundits have been commenting on how she will definitely take the Universe by storm tomorrow evening at the finals of the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City.

Watch her in her swimsuit and evening gown presentations. And see also how highly ranked she is by Globalbeauties.

Miss Tanzania Flaviana Matata in swimsuitMiss Tanzania Flaviana Matata in evening gown


  1. John

    Miss Tanzania was one of the prettiest contestants, she was the most petite, she was very feminine, and she looked fantastic with her shaved head. She wore the bald look so well, and she complimented it with beautiful earrings and perfect makeup. She also had more warmth and charm than most of the other women.
    Many of the other women looked all the same, same length and style of long hair, very similar looks to them, many of them were, like my daughter said, “fembots”.
    All of the women were beautiful, but there was nothing that unique about most of them.
    Not only was Miss Tanzania unique in wearing the bald look, but she had personality, and pizzazz.
    In the fashion world, bald and beautiful women have won fashion model of the year before.
    But the Miss Universe Pageant is different than the fashion world. It is more old fashioned.

    Miss Tanzania did get to the final ten, so she did well, but she didn’t win, and she probably should have. Like my wife and daughter said, maybe the judges at the Miss Universe contest were not ready yet for a bald Miss Universe, no matter how pretty and feminine she was, and no matter how good she looked wearing her bald look.

  2. Jada

    She simply took my breath away. She is a true african beauty, I wanted her to win because it would have made a beautiful statement that our ideas of beauty should be more diverse. I love the term ‘fembots’ because from Latin America, to Asia, to the Caribbean and Africa all of the contestants looked like clones with various shades of skin colour. Most of the contestants from ‘black nations’ were weighed down by weaved extensions,in an attempt to conform and fit in.

    I hope that the fact she made it into the top 15 is a sign of encouragement for more women to come out with their ebony skins and their natural God-given length of hair.

  3. MM

    Flaviana has represented true elegance, grace, charm, awe, intellect, and luster of goodness. She has also shown the universe a true African beauty, which to many this remains unidentified notion! Way to go Flaviana! Come back home with your chin held high! You have certainly earned it! Blessings of love to you and our beloved country TANZANIA!

  4. frank

    flavia u are nice

  5. mejitahidi naomba picha yako

  6. Daz

    Miss Tanzania is not only a true African beauty but a truly world-class beauty, and her clean-shaven head is simply stunning.

  7. Stephen Lucian

    OH MY GOD!!!!! Absolutely smashing. I am absolutely bowled over by this lady. There is an unforgettable uniqueness about this lady. In her swimsuit she conquers all. in her evening wear she is a Goddess.

  8. Tsian

    I think that miss Tanzania shoud have won. She would have been the first bald woman to win the miss Universe pagent and she had the most exceptional performance when modelling on stage.I was VERY DISAPPOINTED at the fact that hte Judges chose MISS USA to be in the top 5, although fell on stage. No wonder why everyone in the audience booed her on stage Miss Tanzania should have been given that opportunity yo be placed in the top 5 instead of miss usa,plus her walk was a lot better.

  9. flaviana real rocks the world.she is real an african queen.

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