And the debates begin about which candidate is more beautiful – Miss Korea Honey Lee or Miss Japan Riyo Mori. The Internet is rife about how the translator messed up Miss Korea’s answer and cost Honey Lee her Miss Universe tiara.

We’ll never know the judges reasoning as to why Miss Korea placed 3rd runner-up, but what we do know is that Honey Lee is one of the most beautiful contestants ever to grace Miss Universe’s stage. Both girls were absolutely breathtaking, but Japan was fun loving and had this sassy energy, while Korea was more reserved. In the end, they both made history as the only Far Eastern beauties to place in the top 5 for a long time (barring Kurara Chibana’s 1st runner-up placement last year). Well done, girls! You both have the Universe at your feet!

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in evening gownMiss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in swimsuitMiss Korea Honey Lee in evening gownMiss Korea Honey Lee in swimsuit


  1. Sarah

    They are both very lovely, all right! Way to represent Asia 🙂

  2. “We’ll never know the judges reasoning as to why Miss Korea placed 3rd runner-up”

    We all know why. Because her answer to final question was one of the worst ones in recent memory.

  3. Jane Fukasumi

    It is such a pity that the translator totally changed Honey Lee’s answer.
    Although Miss Japan is beautiful and a great dancer, Honey Lee has everything from looks to intelligence, and she would have been a better Miss Universe.

  4. hwanghaesung

    KOREAN all the way!

  5. Honey Lee should have been Miss Universe

  6. saera

    The translator had horrible Korean and English. She didn’t even translate “superpower” which explains why she had a huge pause in trying to answer her question.

  7. rose

    honey lee is more beautiful!!

  8. jose

    KOREA! she’s so hot.

  9. Pete

    Sorry…but you cannot really compare Riyo Mori with Honey Lee. Honey Lee is exceedingly more beautiful than Riyo…who is not even one of the best looking asian girls out there…I don’t know why she became Miss Japan. You could maybe compare Kurara with Honey Lee….but overall, Honey Lee is just too gorgeous to be compared with other candidates. I totally do not agree with MU judges this year…I think it was more about politics!!

  10. nelson

    actually it is very obvious that the beauty of riyo mori is far far way than the angelic face of honey lee…..!!! i been surfing to many forums now about this topic on which is deserving to be the miss universe…and they all prefer honey lee than riyo mori….with the looks…..and the brain….honey lee is a one pack of a hot angel….grrrrr…

  11. there is no doubt that miss korea is so much beautiful than miss japan,she deserved win the miss universe not japan.miss japan not even deserve to be in the top 5…she just win because politics…i’m so desapoint with Miss universe 2007

  12. rather upset

    Honey Lee aka Miss Korea is so stunning!
    On the other hand, Miss Japan the winner, can look decent to plain ugly depending on the angles of her pictures!
    Check this post Miss Universe pic of Miss Japan, I think this is crossing the borderline to plain ugly…

  13. rather upset

    Honey Lee aka Miss Korea is so stunning!
    On the other hand, Miss Japan the winner, can look decent to plain ugly depending on the angles of her pictures!
    Check this post Miss Universe pic of Miss Japan, I think this is crossing the borderline to plain ugly…

    -working link fixed-

  14. Tony

    A Korean interpreter at the Miss Universe pageant made a dramatically crucial mistake while interpreting at the last finalists’ interviews. Yes, the Korean interpreter really did a terrible translation. I think Miss Korea could have made at least to the second place. The translator did not translate the word super power, so Miss Korea took it as financial or political power, not a power beyond human power. And the answer the translator did not translate the half of it. The question was how the Korean contestant Honey Lee would use a superpower if she had one:

    At the end of her answer she said it would be nice her wallet would not be dried up while donating for people and place and do her volunteer services, but the female interpreter only interpreted only the half of it. I really feel so bad about it. She interpreted that it would be nice my wallet would not be dried up, not the rest of it. That cost her title. I really, really felt sad and unjust about this misinterpretation. I watched with several American friends of mine and they had the same negative impression from that interview, I am really, really sorry. Too bad.

    미스 유니버스 통역 왕관 놓치게 하다.
    미스 유니버스 최종 마지막 인터뷰에서 한국어 통역관이 거의 왕관을 쥐어진 이하니씨의 마지막을 엉망으로 만들었습니다. 이하늬씨는 마지막에 “돈이 계속 주어 진다면 (지갑이 마르지 않으면, 영어표현으로), 봉사활동을 계속할 수 있으니 좋겠지요,” 를 통역이 “지갑이 계속 마르지 않으면 좋겠지요,”로 통역해 모든 사람들로 하여금 이하니씨가 이기적이고 결국 돈욕심 부리는 사람으로 보이게 했습니다. 제가 많은 미국인들하고 시청했는데 똑 같은 인상을 받았다고 합니다. 정말 마음이 아픕니다.

  15. nelson

    dam interpreter….didnt translate it very well….he have messed up the whole show.

  16. JOey

    Congrats to Japan winner. I think she more beautiful and natural than Miss Korea. Korea face looks like a pornstar and ugly without makeup. Lol

  17. BlueSparks

    I would say that Honey Lee’s answer was not very well answered. She started off saying something about having all power, money and authority for mission work which was a little messy and later ending off to have a wallet that doesn’t run dry kind of leave an unsettling feeling, not really sure if she understands the question and what is she certain about her answer. This might have cost her a higher place within the top 5. This is compared to Riyo Mori’s strong emphasis to her sincere passion for dancing as something that influences her till today and her inspiration to promote dancing was a more satisfactory answer hands down from the rest of the contestants.

  18. marley

    Miss Korea look beautiful and sexy if you were horney and lonley, but she is not as classy as Miss Japan, you need to look beyond that smile and those nice breasts there is an inside beauty that lot of you may not see, as a classy look mixed with beauty Miss Japan has it all so suck the loss koreans and congratulate Miss Japan, what you write here stays here if you were that good chosing Miss Universe you will not be here writing your lousy comments you would have been the judge at the Table…….. Got it., and if you have no clue what class is then go to Paris cause Japanese women are the queens of fashion look at Korean girls they dress sometimes lousy even though they are beautiful they kill their beauty cause they have no class……I cannot help you understand more……….

  19. hounddog

    Miss Korea has very short legs compared to long upper body. but Japan has beautiful model body. Very sexy That’s why Japan won the catwalk bikini contest.

  20. hounddog

    Miss Korea has very short legs compared to long upper body. but Japan has beautiful model body, long legs. Very sexy That’s why Japan won the catwalk bikini contest.

    Also Korea face looks more like a pornstar, and slutty. but Japan is more natural and sweet.

  21. britney

    2007 Miss Universe is Honey Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ashlee

    Honey lee is so much prettier than miss Japan. She is the real Miss Universe! She is smart, pretty, and is excellent in playing instruments~!!

  23. !!!

    i really do NOT think Japan deserves to win… Honey Lee is pretty and very talented.

  24. Cobayachi

    Actually I thought ‘Miss Korea will have Miss Universe title!’
    Honey is so much more beautiful than Riyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. !@#%^&

    Miss Korea was sooo much better….
    Miss Japan was seemed too arrogant in her gown….
    Korea was the TRUE miss universe!
    Im not Korean,,,but this really changed my opinion,
    I don’t know why everyone always makes a big deal about Japan,,,,
    the truth is,,,,,Korea is better,,,,and will beat Japan someday…
    GO KOREA!!!!

  26. zeke

    Almost everybody are blaming the interpreter. In situations like that, wherein a candidate has to answer extemporaneosly, an interpreter should do impromptu interpretation also. I don’t really believe the interpreter can give 100% accuracy to it. Specially if the candidate’s answer is too long. MY ARGUMENT FOR THE CANDIDATES IS…WHY NOT ANSWER DIRECTLY IN ENGLISH, SO THAT YOU CAN GET YOUR POINT PRECISELY AND DIRECTLY ACROSS? so that you won’t blame others if things won’t go as expected. what do you think?

  27. Irene

    Honey Lee had to be Miss Universe this year!!!!!

  28. marley

    When in the Korean eyes see the Ugly Monkey looks like a Beatiful Dear then let them talk loud and complain cause as you noticed that Miss Korea “as one guy said” she has a porno star face a slut look and ready to give it to you just show her the money…… so Korean supporters bite the bullet you lost……. as we all know Koreans stick together no matter what but their Huge problem and we are starting to notice that they dont have an open mind and it shows in their reviews……..
    You Lost Korea cause you dont deserve to be in 1st place not even 2nd place…… by the way I am not Japanese……… coucou……..

  29. connie

    I think that Miss Korea is beautiful. Miss Japan last year was stunning, but I was disappointed with this year’s Miss Japan. If it was Honey Lee vs. last year’s Miss Japan, and Miss Japan won: that would seem like more of a fair contest. But honestly, Miss Korea was more beautiful. Not that Japanese women aren’t beautiful: but I felt like this year’s Miss Japan was definitely pretty, but not on a world class beauty level striking enough to get the crown (that was last year). I don’t like all of these racist comments either against Japanese or Koreans. In terms of Honey looking like a porn star: she’s got a sexier look than Miss Japan this year. like I said: there are many beautiful Japanese and Korean women: but when it came down to these two individual women (not a generalization about entire ethnicities or countries), I think Miss Korea was more striking.

  30. Lisa

    Honey Lee had Plastic Surgery. Japan didn’t. That’s what makes Japanese’s natural beauty truly beautiful.

  31. lee

    miss korea was awesome and the interpreter didn’t do anything wrong at all she said exactly what miss korea said and that’s that

  32. all asians here?

    I think both miss Japan and miss Korea are Ugly.
    Yes, Miss Korea looks like a pornstar without her make up and Miss Japan is,,,,,truly a Monkey.
    This is a Mess,,,,,,sucks!!!e

  33. connie

    i saw a lot of Honey Lee’s photographs through childhood and her teen years. She was always beautiful, but a little bit chubby. She’s lost the weight, but her striking features were pretty constant. I know a lot of celebrities get plastic surgery, but I think all of the cries about plastic surgery with Honey Lee…. given how beautiful she was through her childhood are a little bit harsh. I’ve noticed when a Korean woman is really beautiful, people always say it can’t be real: and that can be true with some stars… but with Honey, unless her childhood and high school/middle school photos were seriously retouched, she was pretty stunning even then.

  34. Fernando Paludo

    Honey Lee is wonderful…
    miss universe 2007! sure

  35. Fernando Paludo

    Honey Lee is wonderful…
    miss universe 2007! sure

  36. Sezza123

    ewww miss japan is sooo ugly…..shes like just a stupid person off the streets of japan…there is nothing remotely beautiful or anywhere near attractive about her whatsoever….she doesnt even have a chin……miss korea is absolutely stunning….people who thin that miss japan is naturally beautiful are delusional……have u checked ur reading glasses lately????

  37. OMG!

    what is up with the racist comments? you need to chillax marley… gosh. i understand korean, japanese and english, and i do interpretation on the side so here’s my 2 cents: the interpreter totally, utterly, absolutely lost the crown for honey, and miss japan’s interpreter won the competition for her. it is that simple. remember, the top 15 you see on competition night was finalized a long time ago as the girls compete for a month before the final show. brazil, korea, and japan were 1, 2, and 3 respectively after the first 2 rounds. the only way for japan to come out on top was for her to get perfect scores to leap frog brazil and korea. as many have already said, the korean interpreter didn’t/couldn’t translate “super power”… “soopah pau wah”??? come on! there is a native korean word for that – “cho neung nyuk”. if that word was used, honey would’ve understood the question 100%. the translator didn’t translate accurately, plain and simple. anybody see the movie “the interpreter” with nicole kidman? she mentioned something to the effect that depending on the word you use, you can start a war. watch it and you’ll know what i mean. the japanese interpretor otoh? he was spot on. he took “on” miss japan’s persona’ and he translated japan’s answer perfectly, with precision. he was also a white guy. what does that have anything to do with it? he probably studied japanese long enough where he understands fully both english and japanese cultural cues and can translate expressions perfectly, regardless of how extemporaneous the answer is. the korean translator was asian, probably with very little practical english exposure. honey’s money comment was meant to be humorous. in korean, it was a very cute answer, akin to brooke lee’s answer a few years back about eating all she could. yet, it didn’t come off that way. that is the interpreters fault. it is the interpreter’s responsibility to make sure the “korean” humor is conveyed in such a way that an english audience would understand. she probably didn’t even understand the question herself… honey was robbed, simple as that. furthermore, honey is already a very accomplished young woman. she sponsors a child for crying out loud! graduate college with honors and is in graduate school. how many 24 year olds do that??? as far as looks, i’ve seen my share of pretty and ugly and just plain average korean and japanese women and i’ve personally gotta’ say that this year’s miss japan is fugly. kurara was robbed last year and honey was robbed this year.

  38. marley

    connie you have to admit that judges have eyes like you do they can see like you… but they did not chose Miss Japan because she was Only more beautiful they chose her for other reasons that Miss Korea did not have and there were 9 judges… so all of them are wrong and you are right… also understand that i am not bringing the Korean Japanese thing here….. You connie dont want to admit that there is not only the outside beauty there is the inside beauty too Miss Korea did not bring her inner beauty to the outside toward the Judges like Miss Japan did…. so this is why she did not get elected to be Miss Universe …… the conclusion is that only you Connie who believe Miss Korea should be Miss Universe and all of the judges were wrong…… being beautiful on the outside is not everything the inside beauty makes the whole package look awesome and this what Miss Japan Had……….

  39. marley

    I have found this article on this site read it if you have time then check this web address

    the sleazy observation is correct. donald trump is still the owner of the rights innit?

    why suddenly so sleazy? two reasons:

    1) prevalence of trash culture in tv and pop media has made the producers realise that ppl have a high tolerance for trashy and have possibly been conditioned to the extent that a part of their brain pops awake and equates disgusting with exciting when they encounter sleaze and trash

    2) meat market shows like these will never regain their pre-90s? 80s? (during which beauty pagents operated under the pretension of finding beautiful, intelligent, elegant and comparatively well-covered up women to inspire the generations with questions such as “who is your biggest role model” and “how can we save the starving children of the world”, when, really, the swimsuit bit was the decisive section) popularity because no one takes these shows even half seriously anymore, so, trash = more viewers…well, it’s good that they are at least not pretending anymore!

    and yeah, men’s magazine, not beauty contest, definitely.

  40. marley

    Hey people read this one too you will find that most every one was shocked by this whole miss universe whore thing read it it is from the web address that i mentioned before

    Hello online buddies:

    Any one watch the Monday Miss Universe 2007 contest were everyone get to see Miss USA fall on her ass and smile? Also anyone get to see Miss Japan with wacky dark black eyeshadow color and win the title. However I heard some contestant did not show up for Miss Universe because they started to get the girls to look sleazy. Some of the photos for Miss Universe PR made the girls look like ship port sleazy women, in other words a Whore! Alot of protest for the final exam questions to see if the contestant can speak without looking like a B*tch, but this was a 2 hour long commerical to sell swimsuits, and other crap.

    Miss Japan with her crappy pearls crown, looks like last year crown they didn’t change it this year:

  41. connie

    Determining “inside beauty” from smiling on stage, and by answering an interview question that is usually not personal (rather rhetorical in nature) seems somewhat of a stretch. Yes, I don’t know the judging criteria or how the scoring rubric is determined. I never claimed that I am the only one who knows who Miss Universe should be! I have no power in that. Like you and everyone else who leaves comments on forums, I’m giving my opinion: and I’m focusing on outside beauty because frankly…. I don’t know any of these contestants personally. I would have to develop a real friendship to have a genuine, valid opinion on “inside beauty.” There must be a lot of criteria beyond being striking physically, but i’m focusing on that because that’s the most obvious trait in a beauty pageant! The forum’s prompt is asking who is more beautiful: Miss Korea or Miss Japan. In terms of “inside beauty” how would any of us really know? Unless you are mixing up “inside beauty” with charisma and outgoingness: I don’t see those traits as being the same thing. I think Miss Japan is more outgoing, and perhaps her vivacious personality was more attractive to the judges than the more reserved Miss Korea. Miss Korea’s actually known to be shy among her inner circle. Marley: you and I choose to disagree. You are completely entitled to your opinion, and it is no less valid than mine: but please don’t make generalizations about how I’m stating my opinion: if it’s based on sheer physical, outward beauty: I think Miss Korea is more striking. That was not true of last year’s Miss Japan who was more stunning than this year’s Miss Japan (in my opinion). This is not based on fact: it’s based on perspective and opinion. Miss Japan may have had a lot more going on for her besides physical looks (she is definitely attractive, but I just thought a number of contestants, including Miss Korea were more striking). I don’t know how the judges score, I’m not a judge, I have no expertise on beauty pageants: I’m just going on who is more physically gorgeous. Just like every other commenter: you and they have your own perspective and we choose to disagree.

  42. connie

    BTW: Marley, it’s not personal. Your opinion is very valid and I think it’s well said…. it wasn’t personal, I was just stating my own opinion, it was not meant to come across as a personal attack on you or Miss Japan.

  43. menny

    miss japan deserve the win. miss korea was cute and hot but cmon, it was obivous she went under the knife,like many other south korean women, so miss japan wins hands down for natural beauty.

    we dont want to encourage young females around the world the looks is the most important so you need go under the knife!

    my 2cents, thanks

  44. Jane L

    Ok, maybe Miss Korea is beautiful but, what if Miss Korea’s beauty isn’t made by make up only ,then what?

    This web site thought Miss Japan had plastic surgery, and explain how much she changed comparing her before and after pictures.
    But guess what!
    The pictures their using as a evidence isn’t Miss Japan, it’s Miss Korea!
    It is so funny!

    Plastic surgen said it all, Miss Korea had plastic surgery.

  45. Jane L

    I just don’t like cheater.
    Here is more of Miss Korea.

  46. marley

    connie i respect your last comment and i want you to know i always respected your comments and your opinion i appreciate your last comment you showed a lot of classy behavior and i do the same towards you, i never undermind your opinion but i want to mention one more thing is that last year Miss Japan was more beautiful than this year but i am sure the judges did not see the whole package from her as they say from this Year’s Miss Japan and frankly Connie, i really dont give a dam about the whole thing i wish you connie was on stage competing for Miss universe i am sure you are beautiful too…………. Peace …….Love……Happiness

  47. honestly both of them have there own aspiring beauty which can easily attract everybody…ms. japan has unique and simple beauty but when she already on stage she knows how to carry nd bring up her beauty from simple to wild nd elegant.maybe dats why MU judges recognized 8.but 4 me my choice 4 MU S MS. KOREA bcos she was d most beautiful among 77 contengents…i luv u mis korea..ur my ultimate crush…wil u marry me?frm phil,

  48. Si

    I so agree with what OMG said, yes the interpreter robbed Korea’s crown, and the crown was robbed last year for Japan.

    Now as for plastic surgery part, i have seen the so called”before” photo of honey lee and i cannot agree with others who thinks shes been under knife. I saw a pic of honey lee without any makeup on, (just before her depatrue to Mexico), and i must say while make up makes bit of difference to her whole look, she didnt fix her face.
    But regarding plastic surgery, it even says on the official website that they will let women who had plastic surgery to enter the competition.
    and to be honest? most women that enter the comeptition prob was under the knife at one stage of their life. Look at last year;s winner, her nose just reminds me of michael jackson. On the night of universe 2007, she really reminded me of Janet Jackson.
    And in Venezula, beauty school exists, where they transforms women into miss universe figure, (plastic surgery invovled of course, and im not saying this year;s miss venezuela had plastic surgery)

    Anyway, i must say im dissapointed in this year;s winner. There are far more japanese ladies out there that are more beautiful then riyo mori. I see many people are saying that she had great personality, but is that enough to make her crown “miss universe”? Plus, miss universe japan is organised by highly trained french group, and she had professionals coaching styling her ( notice she only wore gucci during the competitioin), throught the competition. The last question that suppposdely showed off her ” great personality” is practied. Now with the whole beauty part, She is just plain normal IMO, its pretty bad to see even japanese people not pleased with such “beauty” being considered beautiful. Yes i agree she may be natural, but im sure there is more natural japanese beauty out there that is far better than riyo mori.
    IMO, they crowned her as they made one big mistake for not crowning last year;s miss japan. Who knows next years winner would be Korea ?

  49. connie

    What a lovely thing to say to me! I wish you well! We should email! I’m serious! I don’t know if there’s a safe way to email as friends without compromising my privacy online. If you can send me your email, I’ll email ya! I’m not sure how to do that, without publicizing your email address… but I was very moved by your comment back to me. Thank you for your classy comments. Your kind and generous personality is very apparent.

  50. Jane L

    If Korea keep sending plastic surgery girls to the Pageant, maybe someday they will win the crown…

    And to mention, Korea is biggest plastic surgery country ever.
    Yeah, Korean girls get plastic surgery as a graduation present from parent, just like that!
    The Korean news paper said
    About 80% of Miss Pageant in Korea had plastic surgery..Wow,80%!

    Well,it’s about time that MMH website taking off their post..
    Here is Miss Korea’s before and after pics.
    (same pictures that were on the MMH website)
    Too bad I think her original face is much better.

  51. Charlene

    Just face it…Japan won, people who says Japan is ugly and stupid make Korea look 10x worse…people…just chill out and just accept that fact that Miss Japan won, fair and square. There is a fair reason. Not only that Honey Lee isn’t even her real name. What is there that isn’t fake about her?

    Here’s Miss Japan’s website, under Yahoo Search.

  52. The poster above me is disillusioned about the whole ‘fair and square’ ordeal. If she knew about the lil inner political workings of Donald Trump owned Ms. Universe and the favorings thats been happening the previous years before (Ms. Puerto Rico from last year wasn’t exactly gorgeous by all standards, but the tiara became hers last year), then yeah theres something up with this years winner considering how there are questionably better looking runner ups than the sole winner

  53. marley

    Hey Connie,
    these words that mentioned about you are from an honest gut feeling and life is about feel, some times we are right sometimes we are wrong but we have to be ready to face any responsibility with no Fear…. and as long as we are honest with our feelings we will sleep good at night…. Yes i would like to e mail each other and be in touch, but how can we do that without compromising both our e mail addresses? Okay, how about if we create a new e mail address and give it t each other once we are sure it is us chatting we will delete it or dont use it any more… what do you think?

  54. Kay

    Honey Lee should have won the title!!! Too bad her answer to the final question was so bad. T__T My brother and I looked at all the contestants photos 1 wk before the pagent, and we both agreed Miss Korea is the most beautiful based on looks. Man…her dimples are TOTALLY TO DIE FOR!!

  55. Katie

    OMG! Why are all you Koreans are so negative and sounds so jealous!?
    Well, the reason why I said Koreans, because you guys are keep pushing Miss Korea even when the event was all done, and seems like you guys understand the Korean language more then translator!
    (Not you two..sorry Connie and marley…)
    She was number 4 not even number 2 or 3!
    You guys sounds like she was in the final 2 or something..Geez!

    Sure everybody’s opinion for beauty is diffrent, even our Miss U S A wasn’t my favorite ether but I respect judge’s opinion.
    Most deffinatly I respect Miss Japan who won the crown.
    I saw her blog and I think she is not only beautiful, she is wonderful girl.

    I think all that contestant did great job!

  56. Charlene

    Paul Jay

    Don’t say I’m disillusional. You and a lot of other people here have no idea what you are talking about. It would be a different story if she was in second or even in third place! Other then that, it’s not worth fighting over it…you guys just don’t get it. Get it through your hard head…she lost and Miss Japan won. Nothing will change that.

  57. Popcorn

    Well, Charlene said what I have in mind…lol

    Stop pushing Miss Korea too much; I’m getting tired of it!
    I understand you Koreans think Miss Korea should win but, hey the event is done and Miss Japan won the crown.

    Reason why I said Koreans, because it seems like some people (lot’s of people) who is pushing Miss Korea in here, knows the Korean language more then the translator.
    That’s fine but, remember Honey Lee wasn’t number 2 or 3, she was number 4!
    You guys are talking like she was in final 2 or something…Geez.

    Sure, people’s opinion of beauty is all different, tell you the truth even our Miss U S A wasn’t my favorite.
    But how about respect?
    You guys pushing your Miss Korea by your own opinions, fine, but don’t talk bad about Miss Japan who you don’t even know in parson, stop being so racist!

    There is lot’s of people in this post,
    Some people (example…Connie and Marley) has very quality comment from fair position, these people never say a word that personally attack toward to Miss Japan.

    I just saw the blog of Miss Japan (above) and my opinion is she is very charming girl!
    Not only pretty, but seems like she has wonderful personality too.

    Overall I respect judge’s decision.

    Next year, Miss U S A will win~!

  58. Popcorn

    My first comment just poped up!
    Katie=popcorn…same person..hehehe

  59. Jay Lee

    ok i just want to clear this up. miss korea didnt have plastic surgery. she even said it herself so why make stupid assumptions like that. if you look at her pictures before, she was a little bit on the chubby side but now that she lost weight she looks different.

    and congrats to miss japan

  60. me

    keep in mind what the title “miss universe” entails. it means that whoever is crowned miss universe has many responsibilities and commitments. therefore, rightfully miss universe should have “class” and all that it implies..

    if we talk about who is more qualified to be miss universe, i would have to argue that miss korea definitely is more qualified. just look at her credentials in comparison to miss japan. and that says it all.

    miss korea is a musical prodigy, a graduate with honors from the top university in korea, she’s very dedicated to missionary work, works as the korean cultural ambassador, a black belt in karate… and i’m sure there’s more that i am missing..

    what can you say about miss japan? well, let’s see.. she’s a dancer.. i’m not even quite sure how well of a dancer she is but since she started dancing since she was like 4 she must be pretty good. okay. and she… ?? what else?

    so if we’re talking about “class” i think its quite obvious that miss korea has more class..

  61. me

    oh and i’m sorry, i think you could argue that miss japan has the “porn star” look to her too. i mean who’s to judge who looks like a porn star and who doesn’t?

  62. Jay Latigue

    Popcorn. I m not korean for a starter.. and reading this fun thread, i don’t think koreans were ever trying to push honey to be a new miss universe. most r valid comments stating their opinions, and you should also respect them. personally i don’t quite get how miss universe has become asian event… but seeing the video of the pageant, i cannot say, I am happy to accept miss japan as miss universe. If an asian must be the winner, we would prefer miss korea.. if anyone can be, i think it should be miss venezuela. if u want just compare japan and korea, you might notice globalbeauties have already chosen Korea as the face of universe and japan is not even on the list. I hate when pageants are too influenced by politics and commercial influences like this time by japan. I am irish australian and we are calling miss japan miss toyota from now on.
    good luck.

  63. OMG!

    katie and popcorn:

    i’ll be very frank and say i live in hawaii. i see more hapas, all asians, caucasians, black, and every color in between every day than most people will see in their lifetime. yes, i’m saying i see more diversity that even people who live in nyc or sf, or la; honolulu is the 11th or so largest metropolitan area (not city) in the united states fyi. per capita, hawaii, has the most diverse looking people; statistically, everyone is a minority here. i’ve traveled all over and i’m speaking from personal experience when i say i’ve seen my fair share of beautiful, average and down right ugly people. let me just say then, that imho, between miss japan and miss korea, miss korea wins hands down in terms of looks, regardless of what ethnicity she is.

    i’ve seen her recent interview and she’s even more articulate, thoughtful, and intelligent than i previously thought. unfortunately, its all in korean but, if can get someone to help translate it, go ahead and watch her press conference at (sorry, don’t feel like transcribing 7 minutes worth of material):

    one striking comment during the press conference was about how she feels about who the next miss korea should be. she stated that it shouldn’t be someone who is necessarily the prettiest face but rather someone who can let the world know about korean culture. not your typical beauty pageant answer.

    keep in mind that the night of competition is the final round of competition if you will. the girls have been competing for a month and the top 15 is based on the previous month’s worth of competition. miss korea has candidly said that all the other contestants, including herself did not see miss japan as a major contender. she also candidly stated in the press conference that miss japan had an entire team with apparently one of the top french director/coaches who controlled every single aspect about the competition for miss japan (for example, controlled all interviews, even controlled what pix went up online)and she wondered how can any individual compete against such a “team”…

    if you want to talk class, accomplishments (concert at carnegie hall, numerous humanitarian efforts in foreign countries, graduate college with honors, currently in graduate school, has 4 albums to her name in traditional korean music, and sponsors a child!), intellect, merit and beauty, between riyo mori and honey lee (again, disregarding ethnicity), honey wins hands down. try as i might i haven’t been able to find out much about riyo’s accomplishments other than her dancing background… i’d love to find out more about riyo if anyone has info… i’ve clearly stated that kurara chibana (who speaks 4 languages fluently and is also very accomplished) was robbed last year; she was and still is gorgeous. if the competition was between kurara and honey, kurara has the edge.

    yes, the competition is done and over with. there’s always going to be what-ifs and could’ve/would’ve/should’ve in any competition of any sort. frankly, my vote was on miss brazil and had honey coming in 2nd… hope that clears up a few things.

  64. marley

    have not heard from you since last comment may be we can communicate if we can make it happen……..

  65. honey_sweet

    honey lee really deserve to win,.,.,she’s my bet on winning this pageant. for me, she have class, beauty and brain.,.,.,her beauty is something that really shows how beautiful asians are.,.,.,ms japan is also beautiful but comparing it to ms korea,.,.,.i guess Honey is more beautiful,.,..even though honey didnt win,for me,.,.shes the miss universe,.,.,ill alwayz be her supporter,.,.waaaaaaaaahhhh

  66. Susan

    Jun 3rd, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    miss japan deserve the win. miss korea was cute and hot but cmon, it was obivous she went under the knife,like many other south korean women, so miss japan wins hands down for natural beauty.

    How can you just assume that? Do you have proof? Or even strong evidence? I was rooting for Miss Korea- and I’m Japanese!

  67. louis

    beauty comes from the full package of a woman.. miss honey lee’s got it all.. it’s jz her interpreter fucked it up.. we dont really need those lame interviews anyway.. miss japan is just beauty but no charm.. miss korea literally stunned the crowd.. miss denmark is also very attractive woman..

  68. OMG!

    so… i’d like to know what all you naysayers have to say about japan’s win now?,8599,1631932,00.html

    here’s an interesting quote from the article:

    “A former promoter at the IMG modeling agency, Ligron was handpicked by Donald Trump (who co-owns the Miss Universe Organization with NBC) to ramp up Japan’s waning interest in the pageant.”

    any wonder why miss japan won this year? nuff’ said.

  69. me

    i can bet my life that other miss universe winners have gone under the knife, trust me plastic surgery is not the issue.

  70. Christine

    What’s with all the race bashing? Whoever is saying Riyo Mori or Honey Lee is ugly.. Let me ask you this: were either of you top five in the Miss Universe contest?

    Seriously guys.. These women are both VERY beautiful, otherwise they wouldn’t even have been considered for the contest. As for who won, I’m just happy that an Asian beauty has been recognized.

    Congrats to both Riyo Mori and Honey Lee… Stop making pointless, bordering racist comments. Please.

  71. Charlene

    And you apparently know what you are talking about? I’m not just talking about ‘mixed up’ Ms. Universe results this year, but also referenced last years and potentially years before. We push her because she deserves it. The fact she didn’t even place 2nd or 3rd makes it even more apparent if you think about it. If she did, then we wouldn’t have much of a reason to do so as that is also a high standing for someone like her.
    And if you know so much, you would deny the presence of possible inner politicking in said donald trump owned Ms. Universe? If so then you’re probably the first I’ve known whose convinced that the pageant is flawlessly judged.

    I also sound off that plastic surgery isn’t much of an issue. Ms. Puerto Rico did look like she was matching Michael Jackson’s nose job. There are some plastic surgeries that hurt the person’s appearance more than it helps, and in Honey Lee’s case it helped (in fact I didn’t even notice she had a nose job until I read about it and took a second take on her pics). Cripes if the committee wanted to enforce the ‘natural’ look, then by all means do so to make a more ‘fair’ approach. Of course thats where the politics also steps in as well.

    Your narrow-minded approach to the victory does justify that Ms. Japan won within professional means. But it doesn’t mean that talks about Ms. Korea won’t die down.

  72. C'est Moi

    KURARA CHIBANA is the winner of many people’s hearts in 2006 and still is today…

    There are so many people who still can’t get over her loss last year (Just do a Google Blog search on Kurara Chibana and read the comments on related Youtube videos).

    Although Miss Japan wins this year, I can’t help but consider this 50% of success was influenced by Kurara Chibana’s near-winning in 2006. If not for the publicity which Kurara had generated (with her personality and great intellect) without any recent major predecessor or influences since 2003’s Miss Japan who also made into the Top 5, I think Riyo Mori wouldn’t have the benefit of having the judges’ and audiences’ predisposed attention this year.

    I mean it’s all about karma and sub-conscious factors, which perhaps can be defined along the line of “subliminal influences” and “rippling effects”. Because people are still so charmed by Kurara Chibana’s endearing personality, linguistic and intellectual abilities from last year that they would naturally take a great interest in this year’s Miss Japan, and see if the standard is still there or even better.

    Although I am not in a position to comment about who is better, I could probably and boldly concur that Kurara Chibana is an embodiment of what a 21st century Asian female should be – Western and Asian knowledge, Asian women’s strong and independent personality, great sense of style and beauty, and not forgetting a burning passion in one’s life.

    After all, how many Miss Universes could we remember for their great personalities and beauty even years after they have won and passed on the crown? I don’t think there’s many to count on fingers.

    For a 1st Runner Up like Kurara Chibana who is still unforgotten in some audiences’ minds and still greatly appreciated a year after, I guess this could probably be seen as the next highest level a Miss Universe finalist can go.

    Because after the one year Miss Universe reign, what the ladies have got left are their personalities and individual qualities to help them in their future careers and lives, not the 250K crown or sash. More so, if we are more interested in a Miss Universe Runner-up instead of the actual winner, can we still say Kurara Chibana has lost?

    From an alternative point of view, perhaps by not winning the title has made Kurara truly and even more unforgettable in the audiences’ hearts. Although it is still early to say, but thoughout the next decade or so, when people mention Miss Japan or Miss Universe 2006, I’m pretty sure Kurara’s name will pop up followed by praises and appreciative comments.

    I’m not a Japanese. I’m not speaking for Japan.

    I’m just speaking from a human’s point of view.

    If years after 2006, we could still recall that charming and passionate Kurara Chibana in our hearts, perhaps that’s the kind of quality a Miss Universe titleholder should have. For Kurara to have embodied that quality, she not only has already surpassed the status of a Miss Universe winner but has also gone the way of truly being a gorgeous legend in people’s hearts.

    Yours truly,
    C’est Moi.

  73. y

    Riyo can look as good as Honey if she is plastic like Honey.

  74. nina

    hey ppl al over the world, hiii!!!! who really cares whether miss korea or miss japan won??? itz an asian victory!!!! but if miss korea has done plastic surgery, its realy bad for the world cuz plastic surgery means havin an artificial face n artificial never lasts loong!!!its the inner beauty which finally matters! n inner beauty doesnt necessarily mean alwayz trying 2 help ppl n doin num of charities!!! u don need money 2 help ppl, do u? just pledge for donation of ur eyes, that gud deed is enuf 2 make u as lucky as a miss universe!
    n i think tht regardless of wat or how miss japan looked, i think she is an honest gal. who loves dancing. datz her life. n she was a woman who never gave the political rite ans like ‘i wanna help ppl, i wana spread this, dat etc etc! the ppl who do it, really dont wana tell that! n i think wat bowled the judges was her innocent n true ans. she was not sumbody who was promisin 2 help ppl, she was a woman who was true 2 herself n said wat she really felt. is wanting 2 open a dancing scul a winning ans?but it was an ans which was true filled with simplicity. this woman is a woman who is an ordinary woman, had simple dreams in life n who loved life cuz of dancing n this woman represented a common woman of the universe! n datz y she won.!!! n it showed on her face. not like miss korea who gave so many politically correct ansz dat it was hard 2 believe her!n 2 think tht she did plastic surgery, thts so unfair 2 really beautiful ppl all over the universe!
    newaz, thanx fr readin!

  75. nina

    also i wana tell ppl al over the world tht if u really believe in urself, u dont need 2 go under the knife. cuz ur confidence will change the way u luk in a way dat ul luk an angel, cuz god made u n he sent u! not a human being!n god is above al! n confidence coupled with truth,ull win not juz the miss universe crown, but u can win pplz heart! n datz wat is the most imp thing in life.havin a perfect face is not sumthin gr8, even robots r made perfect! but havin a beautiful heart is gr8 cuz datz wat seperates us frm the world!n dat will change others perception toward u! n datz watz most imp fr ppl al over the world rite, cuz ppl don believe in themselves biut they believe in others perception!sad but u can change tht! n onlu U can!

  76. nina

    n i hope tht this doent hurt nebody or make nebody angry cuz i love my life, i love all ppl out there cuz! njoy n belive in ur face, it is beautiful so long as u have the licence sayin tht god has made it!

  77. the translator for miss korea was so horrible at korean and english!
    i have to say Miss Korea is far more beautiful than miss Japan
    JOey, Miss korea does not look like a pornstar!!!

    she looks pretty even without makeup

  78. miss korea should have DEFINETLY won.
    she was the most gorgeous out of the top five.

    miss japan looks just….ugh…

  79. kay


    The Korean can never be qualified as Miss Earth,
    She needed an interpreter, and she deserves the wrong impressions given to the judge.

    As she claimed she loves learning languages….

    Then hey, she should not have needed the DOM-Interpreter. She got what she should have as the result.

    Miss earth should at least manage ENGLISH.

  80. krank it up!

    japs are ugly.. i know cuz my friend moved there and he told me everyone there is ugly its very rare to see a preety japanese girl and if u do she is very beautifull but
    u get good and bad in every race but when it comes to japanese women they are naturally ugly they have buck teeth and they dress wierd… and have fucked up hair styles… i honestly think that miss japan this year was alright but honey lee shouldve won although she mightve had a few adjustments changed to her body like getting (getting a boob job) doesnt mean shes all fake is she? I however find miss japan last year very beautifull and natural but i Honestly think this year it was all a hoax
    the only reason why miss japan won was because this whole show was sponspered by japs so therefore they proberly bribed the judges and U know how japs have alot of money!!! eventually money makes people do anything!
    and since she was american too that was even better for the judges to vote for her.. so therefore there goes ur bludy answer.. u airheads shouldve thought more into this whole stupid miss universe pagent..

  81. J

    Honey Lee Korea shouldve been Miss Universe…
    Riyo Japan is cute but is not world class beauty like honey lee.

  82. beabea

    Miss Korea is more beautiful but artificial beauty from surgery. Miss Japan is more charming, more confident and answered more excellent than Miss Korea. Miss Japan has the style of Miss Universe while Miss Korea is just a doll on the stage. She tried in vain to make her charming but the judge have eyes when choosing Miss Japan.

  83. catrenk

    Miss Korean is fluent in English. Why need a translator and not choose a better one. I think her English is enough to understand the question but she wasn’t confident in herself so couldn’t expect the judge to trust her as Miss Universe.

  84. beabea

    Miss Korean is a stupid and sexy monkey. She deserves Miss Ugly 2007

  85. hanh

    Miss Korean says she love languages but she is not confident to speak in English but needs a translator. She even didn’t trust herself so couldn’t expect the judges to trust her as Miss Universe

  86. lindsey

    This isn’t ALL about beauty, folks. I DO think Ms. Korea was better looking than ms. japan, BUT Ms. Japan by FAR had the BETTER personality. She had more spunk, and was more natural than Ms. Korea. AND, did anyone see the close-up interviews of both Ms. Korea and Ms. Japan (you can find it on the ms universe website if you didn’t)?? Korea was SO unbelievably fake, I wanted to slap her. It was OBVIOUS she couldn’t speak English very well at all (she had written out EXACTLY what to say before and then had memorized it)! Ms. Japan ALSO couldn’t speak English very well, yet she worked with what she knew and came off WAY more natural (and fun!)than Korea. Additionally, Ms. Japan wasn’t afraid to be fun and confident when she was on stage, whereas Ms. Korea took on the role of a “cute little Asian girl” and acted wayyyyy too reserved, submissive, and fake.

    As a Korean girl who is immensely proud of her culture, I was actually rooting for Ms. Korea to win.. But in retrospect, I think the right person won. I hope the next Ms. Korea will not be so G’damn FAKE like Honey Lee was. There are SO many awesome people in Korea; Honey Lee just wasn’t the best representative of the Korean people, no matter how beautiful she was. What a damn shame. Congrats, Riyo, for not upholding all the horrible, negative, Asian stereotypes like Honey did. UGH.

  87. Natureal

    I thought that Miss Universe is supposed to speak English well without a translator, but to be honest & in terms of the looks, Korean wins. Sorry. But that’s just my honest eyes 😛

  88. Some girl

    Everyone needs to stop being so racist. Korean and Japanese women are all equally beautiful. Who cares about which country won and which didn’t, OF COURSE IT’S POLITICAL. EVERYTHING IN THIS GODDAMN WORLD IS POLITICAL THESE DAYS!!! And DON’T go around calling any Asians monkey faces because that’s extremely rude.

    As for “all korean women have plastic surgery”, I’m Korean and I find myself very beautiful..and surgery free. I’ve been called a Korean Eva Mendez by people..If you say all Korean women who are even remotely beautiful has had surgery, you’re just hating. You can’t stand seeing a beautiful Korean, so you try to justify why they’re so much better looking then you by saying they’re not natural…HATERS!!

    If you think about it, Korean and Japanese have the same ancient blood line, so insult one, you’re insulting the other.

  89. mich

    I think Miss Korea facewise is prettier as she does possess prettier eyes and overall face features. But Japan is pretty in her own way too. Japan has a nicer body. basically the top 5 women were all beautiful enough that’s why they were in top 5. The Judges were looking for the other side of beauty, grace and intelligence. and Japan is only 20 (while Miss Korea is 24) but Japan’s answer showed MATURITY. Miss Korea’s answer regardless of the interpreter was too narrow. I was watching Miss Universe and I was totally a big fan of Miss Korea cuz I thought she was really pretty and it was great to represent asians but when I heard Japan’s answer I was sold. Being Miss Universe is not about just looks and intelligence it’s also about maturity and aura.

  90. mich

    and Japan had a calmness and confidence in her while Korea had a sweet girlish charm but she sounded to nervous and her answer sounded a little shallow while Japan’s answer sounded like she had much more depth and substance..that’s also what I meant by aura.
    Regardless although imo i dont think miss japan is the prettiest japanese girl out there (she’s more like upper average), she had balance, grace, and depth…elegance.
    Korea had those too like all the top5 contestants but just not as much as Japan.

  91. HKLee

    Being Korean naturally I was behind Honey Lee
    to win Miss Universe.However,after re-watching my dvr
    recording of the MU show.I came to a conclusion yes the translator was not 100% accurate in his translation but
    the topic he was translating was.What I’m trying to say is that Honey was trying to impress the judges with what
    they wanted to hear, in other words what a Miss Universe should be.So not only was the translation wrong but it made Honey look really Selfish and GENERIC if you know what I mean.Instead,Honey should have said something like..I would use my superpowers to end all conflicts in the world ranging from Wars,Hunger,Poverty,Illness,etc,etc.Money should have never been in her answer in the first place.
    Then I think of how Riyo’s answer came out and it seemed
    to me it came straight from her heart.And I agree with the previous poster that all races have equal beauty. So,yes I have to be fair here and say that Miss Mori deserves the Miss Universe title.Face it people fair is fair. let all of us that is asian come together and congratulate Miss Mori.

  92. ryan

    It’s funny how because of how pretty Honey Lee is, many just make racist statements about how she had plastic surgery ’cause she’s Korean when many other developed countries have higher ratios of plastic surgery operations being done (including Japan). It’s already been proven by a number of blogs (google and get her teen pics) that she hasn’t had surgery done, so I wonder why it’s being mentioned (actually, beabea tried lying in a few other blogs which got him banned). Sure, Ms. Lee is prettier, I admit it, but I do think that Ms. Mori deserves the crown.

  93. now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Huda Swithun.

  94. kayden

    i think both of them are stuniing ang dep dead gorgeous! they both represent two beautiful asian countries… miss korea is obviously a pretty face and simply sensational, while miss japan was also exotic and has that modelicious appeal! in my case they both are the winners!

  95. kayden

    hey could you people stop the mess out words you are throwing at these two pretty ladies! no one is perfect! but they try to flaunt their imperfections and make it a good things, not everything can be fix… they are both beautiful in their own asian way!!1

  96. John

    The Miss Universe pageant always comes down to that final question, and it’s always fatal for contestants who don’t speak perfect English. Taking nothing away from Riyo Mori, but Lee Ha-Nui was clearly the winner. She was the most congenial, and she won swimsuit.

  97. chris

    No, no. Riyo Mori was picked Ms. Universe because Donald Trump really F***** up 2006 Ms. Universe by not picking Kurara Chibana. This is how they say sorry Japan, here is the consolation, we will choose Ms. Japan next year.

  98. Don’t forget the Miss Universe & Miss World first runners up from 1988 – were from Korea

  99. Today the world has came to know of the beauty of the KOREANS…………………that’s true and anyone who disagree?……….the koreans might have never been expected to win upto this stage…..but….their beauty does……..finally…let me say that today the koreans are the well known beauties in the world!

  100. bluebird

    miss japan and miss korea are both gorgeous..

    and since im korean =P
    i remember on tv when lee honey was in korea she was being interviewed and the topic about surgery came up.
    and you know what? those exact same pics shown here were shown. maybe thats why those pics are all over the net. well anywhoo she replied something like..this is from memory
    -_____-;; you can choose to believe it or not..lee honey: ” many asked me if i did have surgery. Its because im the type who loves to eat, so when i was growing up i would eat more during the winter, and then people would tell me how ive gained so much weight, but i would usually lose the fat during the summer when i am more active


    and anywho..personally the miss universe is all crap to me -___-
    its all “fake”
    it is all ranked in outward appearance and personality and how you walk the catwalk and the confidence…(pshh i know everyone was watching the gorgeous outfits, swimsuits and their gorgeous make up…haha i was too =P)
    obviously ranking in intelligence doesnt seem to matter…if it did im sure others who spoke many languages, or is a prodigy in an instrument, active humanitarian, graduating from a top college would have won. maybe im biased, cuz i also read the globalbeauties site =P

  101. carie

    I admit that Korea chose a horrible translator. But what I cannot admit is this; Why do many people think that when Korean women are really beautiful, they must have had a plastic surgery? I know lots of Korean celebrities went under the knife, but Honey didn’t. Her childhood and teen pictures prove that. So it’s really annoying as a big fan of Honey to hear that groundless rumor.

  102. Keiko Nishimoto

    Riyo Mori isn’t that pretty. IMO, there are a lot more prettier Japanese girls than her. I wish someone else represented my country.

    That said, Honey Lee is naturally beautiful. Much more prettier than Riyo Mori.

  103. enough racist comments please

    username-“me”: miss korea is a musical prodigy, a graduate with honors from the top university in korea, she’s very dedicated to missionary work, works as the korean cultural ambassador, a black belt in karate… and i’m sure there’s more that i am missing..

    she played in CARNEGIE HALL, released 4 albums
    shes listed as a muscial prodigy, and black belt in TAEKWONDO – not karate.

    to “marley”: if this wasnt a BIG issue, people wouldnt say anything about it. yeah those who feel as though KOREA shouldve won should eventually get over it. but lets face it.
    the truth is, FACE WISE-korea
    personality wise-japan
    and not to mention the INTERPRETER who was probably freaking out and super-nervous next to a beautiful contestant, i’d prob stumble on words too, but i rekon there should be some form of rule about interpreters and how accurate their words are.

    be mature about it

    “beabea” —- are you a 10 year old???

    also, plastic surgery is NOT a issue.
    HOLLYWOOD -some of the hottest stars get surgery
    ——-marilyn monroe, ang jolie, scarlett johansson, megan fox etc etc

    JAPAN – dont DENY it. men, women, boys, girls do it at a VERY EARLY stage so that ppl cant tell when they are older. japan is JUST AS PLASTIC-SURGERI-FIED as korea.

    KOREA – we’re living in a technologically advancing world, and yes it is common in korea, and people get over it.

    SOUTH AMERICA- plastic surgery mania- esp boob jobs, even though ppl dont need em, ppl get em.


    what is the issue?
    BEAUTY———NATURAL, honestly, honey looks better without makeup than JAPAN.

    • Luna

      HELL YEAH!

      Honey Lee rocks~!

      She has looks and brains.

      I mean, I love both of them but you just can’t beat Honey Lee. ❤

      Great job ladies!

  104. Logan

    Both Miss Korea and Miss Japan had plastic surgery to look European. East Asians don’t look like they do.

  105. wtf

    uh i think theres mostly koreans here. ill be honest. miss korea had a ton of plastic surgery done. so she isnt naturally beautiful thats why she didnt win also u can tell her boobs and ass was fake since it didnt jiggle when she walked. her answered sucks. go miss japan

  106. Honey Lee is so beautiful! I think she should have won. 😀
    Even though Riyo Mori is super cute I prefer Honey Lee. But I’m glad that both of them represented us East-Oriental Asians!

  107. joe

    Honey Lee before and after plastic surgery…Koreans are a very mentally sick race…take a look at this link:

    Now we know why the Japanese girl deserved to win. Japan, YES!!

  108. abbielynn

    The Japanese is hot!! The korean looks like plastic

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