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Farah Angsana Couture presented its Fall 2009 collection in Bryant Park, New York City on Feb 16, 2009. Entitled “Kiss of a Dragon”, the collection featured stunning evening gowns, gorgeous cocktail dresses, and beautiful cape-dress combinations.

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The Kiss of A Dragon

Three seasons ago, Farah Angsana’s couture collections hit New York in a sea of soft ruffles, dazzling rusching, and exquisite embroidery. Fall 2009 saw her showing in Bryant Park for the first time, and all her signature trademarks – draping, rushing, beading, and embroidery –  were present in full force.

Cocktail dresses in cream, antique gold and sage silk gave way to silk chiffon evening gowns and a stunning gunmetal silk jersey draped evening gown. Simple silhouettes paired with detailed bead work presented the viewer with rich contrasts. A cocktail dress is transformed with Gazar tiers and Swarovski crystal beading, while the designer re-invents simple capes with jet beading and embroidery to create texture and a feeling of luxury. I particularly liked the Jacquard coats with beautifully beaded hems and cuffs and trimmed collars. They added a new shape to the dresses and gowns which with to play.

And Farah Angsana did indeed play with this collection, the backdrop of which was Shanghai in 1939. She spun a story about the kiss of a dragon that transforms the Farah Angsana Woman into a phoenix. This theme was evident in the use of many accents, including ostrich feathers and mandarin collars and culminated in a dramatic final piece – a black and red silk chiffon draped evening gown with embroidered and beaded black and gold dragon scales. I can’t wait to see which Hollywood starlet has the chutzpah to carry off this absolutely stunning dress!

Zac Posen Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week – Final Exit on Vimeo. Check out the turkey flounce dress at the end!

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I was at Carolina Herrera. It was packed, and I was way up in the boondocks – amazed I saw anything at all but very happy to be part of the experience. There were lots of ruffles, lots of frills, and very, very elegant clothes from this fashion doyenne. My little N75 was not quite up to the video task, but it took video and sound that really showed how packed the place was.

The colors started out Spanish red, and that Latin theme carried through the show. Ruffles across bare shoulders, embellishing necklines, trailing from hems – they added accents to body-hugging gowns, tops, and skirts. Reds changed to a whole spectrum of colors; my favorites were the saffron yellow pieces and this black evening gown that screamed RED CARPET!. We will definitely be seeing Carolina Herrera come Oscar season, if not sooner!

So there I was all togged up in my vintage chocolate and maroon corduroy outfit waiting to get into the 3.1 Philip Lim show. But all in vain. They said there were too many people in the tiny hallway in the NYPL on 42nd street, so they were not going to let anyone in. Bummer. So we went to have a drink on the Lower East Side. Nice place that had all sorts of European beer. I asked for the sweetest one they had – and it still tasted bitter. I’ll never understand why beer is popular.

Monday and I get an email asking if I want to attend Luca Luca in the main tent. The Main Tent! OMG! Of course, it means I have to (a) play hooky form work and (b) show up in my gym trainers. I hesitate, but since I’ll be sitting down (yes I had reserved seating – who’d have thought!) I couldn’t care less. Trainers be damned. Would I pass up the chance to get into the tent because of trainers? Uh- no.

So I get to the entrance. The melee around me is gawking as I’m led up the stairs into the tent by my beautifully dressed accomplice. People must have been wondering what this guy in trainers was doing with this gorgeous Asian chic. So we got right in passed the hulking security people who didn’t stop me! Inside, I did hurried mwa-mwah’s with my friend so that I could go straight to my seat and sit down.

I’m looking for the entrance to the space with an expression on my face that’s a cross between bored exasperation and determination. I figure the best way to handle not being dressed is to not make eye contact with anyone, to not stare, or gawk at the beautiful people around me. I look like a worker, so let me act like one. So with this glazed-determined look, I go passed people who don’t have assigned seating, but who are nevertheless trying to see if they can get in. “Assigned seating”, I say, pretending to be casual, to yet more hulking security, and I wave my large invitation at them.

I enter the show space, there’s crowds all around, cameras, lights, God, I try not to look at anything and anyone – I just want to sit down and hide! I find my seat and sink thankfully into it. I don’t dare stare and look around, although there’s tonnes to see – Carmen Elektra, some guy from Backstreet Boys, Padma Lakshmi, Nigel Barker… I take out my cell phone and start pretending to text – like quite a number of people. I’m a bit more relaxed, but it’s nerve-wracking going to these things under-dressed AND alone…

Padma Lakshmi at DVF

But it’s all good – the show’s great save for the one hideously thin model who closed it – Olga Sherer, I think. Someone I never want to see again. One of my fav models, Oluchi, was also walking. Turns out she’s married to the designer. Didn’t know that until now.With the show over, I bolt from my seat, again heading determinedly to the exit acting like I had somewhere important to go to (my office, of course). All around me people are talking loudly and doing mwa-mwah’s, cameras are flashing, interviews are taking place. I exit the main doors and walk down intothe anonymity of the street, cameras flashing all the way….

Oluchi OnweagbaOlga Sherer

I got to see Farah Angsana couture the next day. Front row, no less. The models were much healthier looking and the clothes I thought were beautiful.

Not bad for my first time at Fashion Week, eh?