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The beauty of Fashion Week in New York is that the “scene” is no longer limited to a group of famous designers showing in Bryant Park. Indeed, this Fall’s NYC Fashion week saw shows and events catering to independent designers, retailers, and consumers. I was privileged to attend one such fashion offering: Nolcha Fashion Week. The organizers of Nolcha have put together a very handy and inspiring website for up-and-coming designers, as well as opportunities to discover these new designers. Enter Nolcha New York Fashion Week.

Held at the Bohemian National Hall (the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New York), this year’s Nolcha Fashion Week featured 7 designers. The press release can be found here. Here’s a video of designs by MinnaK.


Farah Angsana Couture presented its Fall 2009 collection in Bryant Park, New York City on Feb 16, 2009. Entitled “Kiss of a Dragon”, the collection featured stunning evening gowns, gorgeous cocktail dresses, and beautiful cape-dress combinations.

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The Kiss of A Dragon

Three seasons ago, Farah Angsana’s couture collections hit New York in a sea of soft ruffles, dazzling rusching, and exquisite embroidery. Fall 2009 saw her showing in Bryant Park for the first time, and all her signature trademarks – draping, rushing, beading, and embroidery –  were present in full force.

Cocktail dresses in cream, antique gold and sage silk gave way to silk chiffon evening gowns and a stunning gunmetal silk jersey draped evening gown. Simple silhouettes paired with detailed bead work presented the viewer with rich contrasts. A cocktail dress is transformed with Gazar tiers and Swarovski crystal beading, while the designer re-invents simple capes with jet beading and embroidery to create texture and a feeling of luxury. I particularly liked the Jacquard coats with beautifully beaded hems and cuffs and trimmed collars. They added a new shape to the dresses and gowns which with to play.

And Farah Angsana did indeed play with this collection, the backdrop of which was Shanghai in 1939. She spun a story about the kiss of a dragon that transforms the Farah Angsana Woman into a phoenix. This theme was evident in the use of many accents, including ostrich feathers and mandarin collars and culminated in a dramatic final piece – a black and red silk chiffon draped evening gown with embroidered and beaded black and gold dragon scales. I can’t wait to see which Hollywood starlet has the chutzpah to carry off this absolutely stunning dress!

This was such an eye-opener for a starry-eyed fashion outsider comme moi! I am ashamed to say that I had to google Lilly Pulitzer to find out more about her. But what I discovered was astonishing. The colors – psychadelic pinks, yellows, greens, blues – were just super. I LOVED every piece that I saw. I felt that I was at an outdoor market in Rajasthan and not in an uberchic space in Manhattan. The colors are one thing, but the prints and embroidery are so adorable.The clothes are light, airy and so summery and perfect for the beach. In her clothes I saw hints of Pucci, Missoni and Alpana Bawa.

This was a super retrospective of her work and so well executed. I particularly liked the wall of framed prints, along with framed quotes from desginers like Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and Michael Kors about Lilly’s timeless style. I am such a fan now!

I was at Carolina Herrera. It was packed, and I was way up in the boondocks – amazed I saw anything at all but very happy to be part of the experience. There were lots of ruffles, lots of frills, and very, very elegant clothes from this fashion doyenne. My little N75 was not quite up to the video task, but it took video and sound that really showed how packed the place was.

The colors started out Spanish red, and that Latin theme carried through the show. Ruffles across bare shoulders, embellishing necklines, trailing from hems – they added accents to body-hugging gowns, tops, and skirts. Reds changed to a whole spectrum of colors; my favorites were the saffron yellow pieces and this black evening gown that screamed RED CARPET!. We will definitely be seeing Carolina Herrera come Oscar season, if not sooner!




I was very privileged to attend Farah Angsana Couture at NYC Fashion Week. Farah Angsana is an established Parisian designer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Her website has yet to be updated, but a review of a show several seasons ago reveals just how successful she has been in her career. A casual trawl through the Internet will also give you plenty of information about the designer.

The show was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 19th between 6th and 7th and organized by Style360. Public Relations were handled by Evolutionary Media Group, Los Angeles.

After more digging, I found out that Style360 is a initiative by Hachette Publications, principally Elle Magazine, and more information can be found out about it on the Elle subsite. There’s yet more information about Farah Angsana and the other designers that Style360 showcased in New York this time round.

On to the clothes. Beautiful, detailed hand drapery, on long flowing goddess gowns, in some light, warm, spring colors. I hope to have some pictures posted soon. Each look had a name, and the two dresses I remember were

(a) this pale olive green, jersey silk gown with a jeweled belt; and

(b) a rose jersey silk gown with straps and detailed embroidery.

The styling was great, the music, everything. The show could’ve done with a lot more people, though. More people should definitely become more familiar with Farah Angsana Couture. The clothes are very wearable, especially for events that need that dramatic touch. So the clothes are quite suitable for red-carpet events and such.

Kudos to her for putting on a great show. Can’t wait for more.270326651306_0_alb.jpg



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Apparently, back in Feb Oprah wore the same Gucci dress that Riyo Mori wore when she was crowned last week. People has pictures, and there are a tonne of comments about which one wears the dress better.

Oprah Winfrey and Miss Universe Riyo Mori

And the debates begin about which candidate is more beautiful – Miss Korea Honey Lee or Miss Japan Riyo Mori. The Internet is rife about how the translator messed up Miss Korea’s answer and cost Honey Lee her Miss Universe tiara.

We’ll never know the judges reasoning as to why Miss Korea placed 3rd runner-up, but what we do know is that Honey Lee is one of the most beautiful contestants ever to grace Miss Universe’s stage. Both girls were absolutely breathtaking, but Japan was fun loving and had this sassy energy, while Korea was more reserved. In the end, they both made history as the only Far Eastern beauties to place in the top 5 for a long time (barring Kurara Chibana’s 1st runner-up placement last year). Well done, girls! You both have the Universe at your feet!

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in evening gownMiss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in swimsuitMiss Korea Honey Lee in evening gownMiss Korea Honey Lee in swimsuit