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Young, feminine, flirty, and very Gossip Girl!

Zac was back with his Spring 2009 collection that showed his range, versatility, and top-notch tailoring. He mixed couture gowns with bathing suits, cocktail dresses with pant suits. Some silhouettes were sheer and very body hugging, while layered fabric on some pieces created a beautiful doll-like effect. They were gorgeous – perhaps some of my favorite pieces of the collection. I liked how the designer switched between the form-fitting silhouettes and the forthy, layered look. He certainly has a lot of imagination. I loved the pieces in the collection that channeled Alice in Wonderland meets Gossip Girl. It just had this feminine whimsy to it. I loved the costume turkey dress at the end, with its huge pink, white, and black flounce. It added the right tone of fun, drama, and panache to the collection.

I also enjoyed the live interview that Zac gave to the very charming Andrew Leon Talley on the runway after the show. It gave us insights into the mind of this wunderkind. Can’t wait to attend his next show.

Many commentators have said how unfortunate it was that Honey Lee’s question AND answer were both so poorly translated by her Korean interpreter.

This is a very common problem at Miss Universe pageants. Many of their interpreters do a pretty sorry job, mostly because they are even more nervous than the competitors! Poor them – can you imagine standing next to some of the most beautiful women in the world when you look perfectly ordinary?

In any case, that should not be the excuse. Pageants have been won and lost on the basis of interviews, and some people believe this to be the case this year. Honey Lee’s interview on the Miss Universe website was absolutely charming, and she did manage to project that same charm on screen. Well done, Honey!

Here’s what Pop Seoul had to say about Honey Lee’s translation woes.

Miss Korea in national costume

Miss Korea, Honey Lee, is all over the Universe at this very moment. Leading beauty pageant experts Globalbeauties declared her their winner this year, just a hair’s breadth ahead of traditional pageant powerhouse Miss Venezuela, the lovely Ly Jonaitis.

Honey was also Globalbeauties best in evening gown and best in interview. Miss Korea is also on the pole position of Globalbeauties’ starting grid. She was also their Face of the Universe. And their’s more. Honey won GB’s national costume award, too!

This is a phenomenal feat given how Far Eastern beauties have not really caught the attention of the pageant world until last year, when Miss Japan Kurara Chibana took home the 1st runner-up prize at the 2006 Miss Universe pageant.

Now that we are less than 12 hours from the pageant, Globalbeauties’ website is experiencing tremendous traffic, so don’t be too concerned if the links above take too long. Just click on the video links below to see other videos!

Her Miss Universe interview is awesome. And she’s adorable in this video and stunning in this one. She also spent some time at the Korean embassy in Mexico City and looked simply breathtaking in her traditional gown. And her Miss Universe interview was just so sweet! She is indeed sweet as honey!

Miss Korea Honey Lee

Miss Guatemala Alida Boer is one of her country’s most competitive delegates to any international pageant. She’s gorgeous, articulate, and a truly wonderful representative. Her rankings on Globalbeauties put her solidly in the top 15.

Her evening gown presentation was flawless, and her swimsuit presentation was to die for!

I’m rooting for Alida to go all the way at the finals.

Miss Guatemala Alida Boer in swimsuitMiss Guatemala Alida Boer in evening gown

Doukissa Nomikou Miss Greece in evening gownDoukissa Nomikou Miss Greece in swimsuit

Miss Greece, Doukissa Nomikou, is a Hellenistic beauty of some reknown. Globalbeauties is quite taken by her, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Her swimsuit presentation and her evening gown presentation were quite something. I think she’s a strong contender for top 15.

Miss South Africa, Megan Coleman, follows in the long line of very impressive pageant delegates from South Africa. In both Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, miss South Africa’s never fail to make an impact. Megan is no different: she is sincere, beautiful, and very articulate. She figures highly on Globalbeauties’ rankings.

Megan is a sunny, stunning, blonde and her swimsuit and evening gown presentations were top notch.

Miss South Africa Megan Coleman in evening gownMiss South Africa Megan Coleman in swimsuit

Jimena Elias, Miss Peru, is like an exotic bird, simply beautiful. Her rankings are pretty high according to the beauty pageant pundits Globalbeauties. Her swimsuit and evening gown presentations show her to be a competitive delegate with strong chances of entering the top 15. Good luck, Jimena!

Miss Peru Jimena Elias in swimsuit
Miss Peru Jimena Elias in evening gown

Miss Serbia, Teodora Marcic, is a classic example of Eastern European blonde in the mould of a Karolina Kurkova or a Hana Soukoupova. And that name is royalty enough. Teodora, after the Slavic empresses of centuries gone by.

Teodora is simply stunning and Globalbeauties has her ranked highly.

Her evening gown and swimsuit presentations were elegant and very spot on for a place in the semifinals. We love Teodora and hope her stars shine bright tomorrow at the finals.

Miss Serbia Teodora Marcic in evening gownMiss Serbia Teodora Marcic in swimsuit

Miss Angola, Micaela Reis, is another African glamazon like Miss Tanzania. Angola has been having a rather successful run at beauty pageants internationally, having placed at Miss Universe in the last 5 years. Globalbeauties have her in their top 15 ranking.

To see the lovely Micaela in action on stage, we present her in her swimsuit and evening gown presentations.

Miss Angola Micaela Reis in evening gownMiss Angola Micaela Reis in swimsuit

Miss Thailand Farung Yuthithum in evening gownMiss Thailand Farung Yuthithum in swimsuit

Miss Thailand, Farung Yuthithum, is very, very tall, and quite exquisite. She’s one of the best Thai delegates to Miss Universe since Porntip Nakhirunkhanok won the competition in 1988. In fact, 1988 was the last time an Asian from the Far East won the Miss Universe title. Can Farung bring the crown back to Asia? We think so, so does Globalbeauties, who have ranked her very highly.

Watch her wow the Universe in her swimsuit and evening gown presentations.