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Ines Ligron is the national director of the Miss Japan pageant, and she’s on the ground in Mexico City schmoozing with the girls, the media, and other pageant officials. She has this to say about Miss Japan Riyo Mori’s chances:

“Everybody expect Japan to win, it is very exiting to be here.

The show ill be incredible this year, with a runway like the Victoria Secret fashion show in New York. The lighning is speactacular. Riyo will shine on the stage, she is very ready for tomorrow. Many delegates themselves are telling her that she is going to be the winner tomorrow!!

After seeing the delegates personally and on stage, talking to them, I made my choice as follow:



It is indeed very exciting, as we reveal all the sizzle, sparkle, and dazzle of the Miss Universe finals tonight on this blog. Don’t forget to tune in at 9pm for live commentary on all the glamour and excitement of the 2007 Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Japan Riyo Mori


Here are some lovely gowns during the preliminary Evening Gown Competition held 23 May in Mexico City

uni07_2051-p.jpgMiss EstoniaMiss FinlandMiss GuyanaMiss IndiaMiss AlbaniaMiss AngolaMiss Brazil

An evening of gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns walking down a gorgeous stage… that was what the audience was treated to at the Miss Universe 2007 Presentation Show on Wednesday, May 23. To see how Globalbeauties reviewed the evening gown competition, read their evening gown rankings.

“I could have dance all night, I could have danced all night…”

The Final 15 have been chosen. And now it’s only three days before they are revealed at the finals in Mexico City and a new Miss Universe is crowned. The pageant fans have gone crazy in the last week, predicting boom or bust for this or that candidate. Ultimately, there will always be surprises, for example no one could have predicted Miss Paraguay’s appearance in top 5. This stunning girl, Lourdes Arevalos, was so surprised herself when her name was called and she advanced to the finals. No one could have predicted it because Paraguay has no history of performing well at international pageants.

So, you ask, a country’s past performance at Miss Universe could actually determine whether the current candidate can make it or not? Well, let me get away with a “yes and no”.

Judges will always notice the beautiful girls, plain and simple. But if they’re like you and I (and they are), they are more likely to pay attention if they already know a country’s batting record at Miss Universe is already good. Take the Glamazons from places like Venezuela and Brazil. These countries have been known to produce some of the most beautiful women in the world – and people know this. So you and I, and the judges, are going to have notion of the beauty we can expect from their candidates. And 9 out of 10 times the delegates don’t disappoint. Miss India’s and Miss South Africa’s have a reputation for peerless interview style, so again judges and the rest of us are going to be very interested in what they have to say. And so on and so forth – each country’s strength – and weakness – is avidly devoured by fans, judges, national directors, and the general public.

And each year we see how the countries perform: do their batting averages go down or up? Who has the best averages? Who are the countries that are breaking through slowly but surely? And of course, who are the delegates that are complete (and welcome) surprises. We’re sure rooting for all those Miss Paraguay’s out there!

Aren’t these some of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen?

Miss AlbaniaMiss AngolaMiss BelizeMiss BrazilMiss CanadaMiss ColombiaMiss Costa RicaMiss EstoniaMiss FranceMiss GuyanaMiss IndiaMiss ItalyMiss JapanMiss KoreaMiss RussiaMiss Slovak RepublicMiss SloveniaMiss TanzaniaMiss ThailandMiss USAMiss Venezuela

Who are this year’s Miss Universe competition’s really competitive girls?

I looked through all the video interviews and selected 44 girls that I thought were sweet, pretty, and had something to say. Watch these interviews here. It was nice that I could post these to Google Notebook.

Now I’ll have to whittle the 44 down to 15 and then down to 1 by Wednesday, which is when the pre-judging takes place. So far, I think Miss Venezuela, Miss Angola, Miss Brazil, Miss Russia, Miss Korea, and Miss Japan are all amazing