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Miss Korea Honey Lee in national costume

The month-long love fest between Miss Korea Honey Lee and Globalbeauties continues right up to the final hours of the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City. What’s not to love about Honey Lee. She’s one of the most adorable and beautiful candidates ever to have graced the runways of the Miss Universe pageant.

Honey Lee walked away with most of Globalbeauties’ special awards, and this is what they have to say:

Honey Lee of Korea has swapped most GB special awards in this year’s Miss Universe pageant and appears as the #1 favorite for the crown. Some pageant historians go as far as saying that she is one of the most perfect beauties to have ever stepped on a Miss Universe stage. Second place went to Miss Venezuela, another huge favorites who is close to perfection.

See the complete results HERE.”

With Miss Korea and Miss Japan in hot contention for the title, along with Misses USA, Italy, Venezuela, and Thailand, it’s anyone’s guess who will win the coveted title of Miss Universe 2007 pageant. Stay tuned to this blog to get live commentary of this evening’s pageant starting from 9pm EST.


So we’re down to crunch line. It’s 9 hours to the live telecast and who will be Miss Universe 2007 top 15 line up. Who are the Miss Universe 2007 favorites for the title?

Top 5 – Miss Korea, Miss USA, Miss Italy, Miss Japan, Miss Guatemala

Miss Korea Honey LeeMiss USA Rachel SmithMiss Italy Valentina Massi

Miss Japan Riyo MoriMiss Guatemala Alida Boer

Top 10 – Miss Venezuela, Miss Tanzania, Miss Slovenia, Miss Thailand, Miss Paraguay

Miss Venezuela Ly JonaitisMiss Tanzania Flaviana MatataMiss Slovenia Tjasa Kokalj

Miss Thailand Farung YuthithumMiss Paraguay Maria Jose Maldonaldo Gomez

Top 15 – Miss Angola, Miss Spain, Miss Estonia, Miss Serbia, Miss Greece

Miss Angola Micaela ReisMiss Spain Natalia Zabala ArroyoMiss Estonia Viktoria Azovskaja

Miss Serbia Teodora MarcicMiss Greece Doukissa Nomikou

The ones that can also make and impact:

Miss Peru, Miss Mexico, Miss Bolivia, Miss Russia, and Miss South Africa

Miss Peru Jimena EliasMiss Mexico Rosa Maria Ojeda CuenMiss Bolivia Jessica Jordan Burton

Miss Russia Tatiana KotovaMiss South Africa Megan Coleman

So these are my 20 favorites, and I think that I should have a pretty good hit rate and that a lot of these girls will end up as Miss Universe 2007 top 15 candidates. I will providing live commentary for the two hours of the show. Just check back here for updates.

Miss Thailand Farung Yuthithum in evening gownMiss Thailand Farung Yuthithum in swimsuit

Miss Thailand, Farung Yuthithum, is very, very tall, and quite exquisite. She’s one of the best Thai delegates to Miss Universe since Porntip Nakhirunkhanok won the competition in 1988. In fact, 1988 was the last time an Asian from the Far East won the Miss Universe title. Can Farung bring the crown back to Asia? We think so, so does Globalbeauties, who have ranked her very highly.

Watch her wow the Universe in her swimsuit and evening gown presentations.

Aren’t these some of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen?

Miss AlbaniaMiss AngolaMiss BelizeMiss BrazilMiss CanadaMiss ColombiaMiss Costa RicaMiss EstoniaMiss FranceMiss GuyanaMiss IndiaMiss ItalyMiss JapanMiss KoreaMiss RussiaMiss Slovak RepublicMiss SloveniaMiss TanzaniaMiss ThailandMiss USAMiss Venezuela

Tonight’s Miss Universe pageant live from Mexico City will see 15 girls catapulted to universal fame! Who will they be?

I made a list a few days ago: Miss Albania, Miss Angola, Miss Estonia, Miss Slovenia, Miss Spain, Miss France, Miss Greece, Miss Japan, Miss Korea, Miss Peru, Miss Poland, Miss Russia, Miss Thailand, Miss Tanzania, and Miss Venezuela!

But this list will change this afternoon when we look at our final list. Good luck to all the girls!

Miss AlbaniaMiss AngolaMiss EstoniaMiss SloveniaMiss SpainMiss FranceMiss GreeceMiss JapanMiss KoreaMiss PeruMiss PolandMiss RussiaMiss ThailandMiss TanzaniaMiss Venezuela

But now that we are but hours from the competition, my list of the top 15 has changed. I’ve also added 5 more girls that could easily place in the top 15 slots.


In a few hours’ time I will announce whom I think the top 3 girls are! Also, don’t forget to tune in to this blog for live commentary of tonights finals from 9pm EST onwards!

“And the winner is…”

This year’s competition format is different from last year’s. Last year, the presentation show came before the personal interviews. This year, the interview rounds come before the presentation show. Yesterday and today were the two days set aside for the interview, while tomorrow sees the all important presentation show, in which all the girls compete in swimsuit and in evening gown.

Last year I had the pleasure of watching the presentation show and the rehearsals prior to that at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. It was my first Miss Universe live show, although I have been following the pageant for over a decade now. The presentation show was exhilarating, if a little tiring. The girls were all so beautiful and stunning, but I have to admit that seeing them up, close, and personal really, really made a difference. Miss Puerto Rico was a real standout, as were Misses Japan and Miss Trinidad and Tobago. And they were all up there come finals, with Miss Puerto Rico taking the crown. This year’s Miss Japan, Riyo Mori is likely to place just as highly as Kurara Chibana from last year.

So with the interviews before the presentation show this year, will those with the gift of the gab have an advantage? After all once the judges like a girl’s interview, is it more likely that they will be favorable towards her swimsuit and evening wear rounds? Difficult to say. I think if you are great, nothing’s going to stop you from wining this competition.

I think the girls who will be standing in on stage as past of the top 15 are:

Miss Venezuela, Miss Poland, Miss Estonia, Miss Korea, and Miss Spain,

Miss Thailand, Miss Angola, Miss Russia, Miss France and Miss Albania

Miss Greece, Miss Japan, Miss Peru, Miss Tanzania, and Miss Slovenia

This list will probably change in the next week or so.

Kurara and ZuleykaMiss Japan 2006 and Miss Puerto Rico 2006

This is the tough round. The girls have hit the gym to achieve their toned, sculpted looks, and the judges are certainly on the lookout for those tell-tale signs of holding one’s breath, sucking one’s gut in, covering one’s bits and pieces with arms, etc. But in the end if you haven’t done your time in the gym, it really shows! And of course, if you have done your crunches it shows, too!

Miss Venezela UniverseMiss India Universe 2007Miss Thailand