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Alright, it’s about time for me to start my build up to Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. Here’s a gorgeous contestant, who I think should definitely be in the semi finals. She’s fresh-faced and an absolute delight judging from her wonderful smile.

Does she have what it takes? Take a look for yourself!

Can’t wait to see her at Miss Universe 2008This is more cheeseyCheck out her paper crown

Miss Italia on the rightMiss Italia celebrates her birthday on TV

And if you want to email Silvia and drop her a friendly “Buon giorno!”, email her here!


Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori from JapanMiss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori from Japan

And so we have our second winner from Japan! Riyo Mori is the second Japanese woman to win the pageant. The first Japanese, and indeed the first Asian, to win the Miss Universe pageant was Akiko Kojima in 1959. It took almost 50 years for another Japanese woman to be crowned Miss Universe. It was about time!

Miss Universe 1959 Akiko Kojima from Japan

Thank you to all who have kept me company these last 2 hours! It was a wonderful 2 hours. I love it that Japan has won. Please email me at if you have any questions at all about everything!


I love it! The first Miss Universe from the Far East since Miss Thailand in 1988!


First the annoucement for the winner of the national costume award!

All the thanks are now being said!

The final walk of Zuleyka Rivera. She is stuning is a black , empire wasitline dress. beautiful, with the mikimoto crown. Looks stunning, a young Janet Jackson! She is so beautiful! I love her!

4th Runner up – USA

3rd runner up korea

2nd runner up Venezuela

1st runner up Brazil


This is what we have been waiting for!

One last look at the top 5:

Venezuela is gorgeous, stunning, dress is too angular – like Proenza Schuler

Korea – Sexy but dress is not so nice…

Brazil – stuning girls and dress… smokin hot, !


Japan very fun, funky, and smart!

Difficult to say who is going to win!

Miss Japan or Miss Korea possibly! Not impressed by any of the answers or questions.

But let’s see!

Coming up!

Would you rather have a realtionship with a spontaneous and wild or a man who plays it safe?

Good evening mexico, the first thing is you need a fair relationship, a companion, and I do believe that in relationships you need give and take for the flame of passion

Korea – if you could have any type of superpower what wold it be?

Missionary work is my dream, and for my supeepower I would like to have a ppower that will use money and help with my missionary work. A wallet that never dries up would be a good power to have.

Brazil – is it better to live life following your heart or following your mind?

I think that in life you need a balance, heart and mind. But the most important thing is to follow your heart for the better of people

Miss USA – If you could relive one moment in your life, what moment and why?

Jan 2007 my travel to South Africa to volunteer with Oprah Winfrey

Miss Japan – what is the one lesson you learned as a child that still affects you life today?

ola Mexico! I’ve been dancing since I was a child! I live my life growing up among my students and teachers. i learned how to always be happy positive and this is what I want to teach to the next generation!

Miss USA was booed the whole time. very sad!